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Our history is built by hands that perform and express their love in everything they do.

It is through the commitment and dedication of our people that our products arrive
at the feet of our consumers.

We are committed to the future, therefore, we are constantly looking for solutions that guarantee the efficiency of our processes, reduce waste and contribute to the well-being of our employees and communities where we operate.

We believe that equity and respect for differences promote a collaborative and valuing organizational climate.

We want to meet different people, who wish to build the future together with us.

If you identify, check out our vacancies and apply!

We recognize that people are the protagonists of our growth and that is why they are at the center of everything we do. We believe that when people grow, we grow too and it is through respect that we build relationships with our employees.

We encourage a collaborative and diverse environment, prioritize professional, individual and team fulfillment, and provide opportunities for development through education and training programs.

The Human Resources team is made up of people whose purpose is to take care of people. Our HR participates in business decisions and is always close to the areas, acting as a partner and agent of transformation.

Design is in our DNA. Our products are developed by a team of restless, diverse and creative people who build a collaborative and learning space. Working together with all areas of Grendene, it is an intense and stimulating process to transform ideas into products, with the principle of “design made with and for people”.

Keeping a fresh eye on our raw material, technologies, finishes, appliqués, pigments and textures, our designers are challenged to innovate with each project, always considering brand positioning, sales history, consumption behavior and trends.

We look to the future with an awareness of the present and seek to be with our consumers every step of their journey.

Always with an eye on Sustainability, the industrial areas are constantly looking for new technologies and methodologies to optimize the use of our resources and production processes.

We also have people focused on purchasing our raw materials and developing materials in order to deliver even better results in the production of our products.

It is in our industrial park that magic happens and our products take shape.

"Talents interested in innovation, sustainability and in establishing collaborative and respectful connections with our entire value chain are very welcome to join our team."

Luciano Mantovani - Supply Director

With a multidisciplinary and systemic nature, the Supply area is responsible for managing the supply chain (supply chain management). Its mission is to provide products and services with the best cost-effectiveness for the entire company, prioritizing aspects of innovation, quality and sustainability. Its central role is to select and develop the business ecosystem that supports Grendene’s operations and brands.

Research and development, planning, purchasing, logistics and improving the efficiency of the company’s processes, services, raw materials and materials are the macro attributions of the
Supplies area.

Its multifaceted character is represented by the sectors that make up the area:

  • Supply Chain Intelligence;
  • Materials Engineering;
  • Automation Laboratory;
  • Research, Development and Quality of Materials (PDQM);
  • Planning and Raw Material Purchasing;
  • Indirect Materials;
  • Warehouse Management;
  • Import;
  • Logistics; and
  • Sustainable Development.

In order for our products to reach our consumers, we have a team that plans and manages the sales, trade marketing, branding and communication processes of our brands with our customers and representatives throughout Brazil.

In the world, we are in more than 100 countries, making Grendene the leader in Brazilian shoe exports. We develop actions in the areas of operation, logistics, product and sales, exclusively dedicated to the internationalization of our products.

Innovation, as well as the continuous desire to innovate, are part of Grendene’s DNA, which is why we have an Innovation System called Bergamotta Labs.

Composed of three interdependent and co-responsible laboratories, this system aims to create and test innovative solutions that bring people and businesses together in a sustainable way, generating learning from these experiments.

Lab Acesso: front responsible for developing consumer access channels for Grendene’s business ecosystem.

Lab Solution: responsible for co-creating innovative solutions (products, services and experiences) for the company’s sustainability.

Feasibility Lab: responsible for innovating in materials, production and industrial processes, not dominated by the operation, focusing on emerging technologies and sustainability for the consumer and users.

Lab Acceleration: focuses on technology and works in all labs (access, solution and feasibility) using technology as an accelerator and qualifier of projects/businesses.

DCG – Digital Commerce Grendene

Digital Commerce Grendene (DCG) is the team responsible for developing solutions so that our consumers have the best digital experience with our brands. They are the ones who take care of our e-commerces.

Poliana Correa
Head of Innovation

Being able to impact the market and people's lives through innovation and diversity represents what I believe in terms of evolution and transformation for all of us. And this meeting between work and purpose took place right here at Grendene. Today, I can say that my work is completely aligned with my life purpose. And that means a lot to me.

Human – UG

To support the development of our professionals, we invest in and continually improve our Corporate Education process. Grendene University is structured by knowledge, technical and behavioral learning schools, with different learning methodologies. Check out:

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