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Our history is made by people. We are proud of what we do and who does it with us. Our future does not depend only on our actions, but on the people who will be with us. Trust, ethics and dedication are values ​​that we have cultivated along the way and that have made us much more than a shoe company.

We were born from paradigm shifts and learned to create our own patterns. Our products have reinvented the market. Fashion has never been so democratic. We believe that a company can create products ethically, reducing the impact on the environment, taking care of people and the planet. This commitment is in our day to day, and that is why, until today, our brands maintain their capacity for evolution.

Together, we challenge the impossible, to transform the future. We are creativity and daring, not only because we combine style and comfort in our products, but because we always had the courage to keep our eyes turned to the world.

We are Grendene. We produce sustainable fashion and affordable design. Collaboration and innovation are part of our DNA, so that wherever we go, our footprint is positive.

Our Purpose, Values and Strategic Pillars are:


To make accessible and sustainable fashion, in a creative manner, valuing relationships.


Integrity; Learning; Protagonism; Collaboration; Simplicity.


Profitability; Consumer; People; Sustainability; Innovation.

Shall we go together??

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Grendene Foundation
Manufacture of plastic parts and Agricultural implements
Launch of 1st slingback
Launch of Melissa
Footwear merchandising inaugurated in the soap opera, Dancing Days
Carlos Barbosa mould manufacturing
Karina – Bruna Lombardi
Launch of models created by internationally renowned designers: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Jacqueline Jacobson and Elisabeth De Seneville
Launch of Melissinha with accessory
Licensing of Xuxa, a partnership of over 25 years
Launch of Rider, un new concept in expanded PVC
Slide - vamp slipper
First Rider advertising campaign counted on soccer players, Falcão and Careca,
volleyball player Renan and three-time champion Nelson Piquet
Rider launches 12 films with the endorsement of Giulia Gam, Golias, Jorge Benjor, Osmar Santos, Marina Lima, Diogo Vilela, among others
Installation of 1st manufacturing units in Fortaleza - CE
Grendene premieres on TV with a series of Rider musical campaigns
Brand launch Grendha

Re-launch of Melissa with the participation of top Model, Claudia Schiffer
Melissa by Patrick Cox
Start of operations of the 3rd unit in the city of Crato - CE
Launch of Rider Hits with CD of songs that made it a success case
Creation of the Melissa Division
Licensing of the brand, Guga Gustavo Küerten
Grendene Kids begins to sign all infant launches
Launch of the brand, Ipanema, the logo was designed by cartoonist Ziraldo
Love system inaugurated Melissa in the International market with the sale of over 1 million pairs in the USA
Launch of the first campaign with Über model Gisele Bündchen
Capital Opening
25 years Melissa
Opening of Melissa Gallery SP
Launch of Ipanema in partnership with Gisele Bündchen at Xingu’s indigenous park
Launch of Ipanema Anatômica, result of exclusive Flexpand technology developed by Grendenetech
Zaxy brand launch
Partnership of Melissa with the Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, first time to create a shoe
Vivienne Westwood enters Melissa’s history
Launch iof Cartago
50 shoes that changed the world, among them Melissa in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid
Grendha Shakira launch
Opening of Melissa Gallery New York
Club Melissa
Inauguration of Casa Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro
Opening of
Melissa Gallery London
15 years Ipanema
30 years Rider
15 years of partnership Melissa and Irmãos Campana
40 years Melissa
17 years of partnership betwee Grendha and Ivete Sangalo
Melissa Sustainability
Consumer Awareness Day
Bergamota Lab
Grendene published its first Sustainability Report (“Repot”), with Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) methodology
Digital e-commerce
Re-creation Nuar from the perspective of circular and atemporal design, the brand is born again to be tech shoes for the purpose of stimulating consumers to think over their forms of consumption. Nuar will be marketed on an accessible digital platform through instagram
Maximum classification of sustainable origin certification for brazilian footwear companies - diamond level.


Committed to the future

Grendene understands that the way to guarantee the company's perpetuity depends on the people who have walked, are walking and will still join that path. That is why it develops solid actions to care for people and the environment, seeking solutions to reduce waste, recycle products, ensure more efficiency in processes, and contribute to the well-being of employees and the communities where the factories are located.

There is a sustainable use of plastic in fashion and Grendene has been moving in this direction for a long time.

The commitment to a sustainable journey is one of the most active principles at the company and is based on three pillars: valuing and respecting people, products with less impact and eco-efficient operations.
Learn more about our journey towards sustainability

Design and innovation

Design and innovation are pillars that guide Grendene every step of the way. In our creation, we innovated by using PVC for protective packaging for wine bottles and later we innovated by entering the world of fashion by producing Nuar sandals with the same raw material. From then on, we started to explore and expand the possibilities of this extraordinary material through design.

They are shapes, textures, finishes and colors that are in a constant process of discovery and updating, which allows us to create surprising products with a high perceived value. We seek and develop new technologies in injected products, we design footwear and accessories that reflect the needs and desires of consumers and different use situations, as well as we creatively access products with less impact. The design team’s development structure and methodology favors Grendene’s leading role in its operating segment.

We have multidisciplinary professionals, who put their different knowledge at the service of the best design solution for each new project. We are dedicated to product development with an awareness of the present and looking to the future. Therefore, we value human potential for dynamic and creative performance.

The continuous search for new and better solutions brings the boldness, flexibility and energy necessary for Grendene to always seek to be one step ahead. An example of this is Bergamotta, our innovation system, which is made up of interdependent laboratories, with the purpose of creating and testing innovative solutions that bring people and businesses together in a sustainable way, generating learning from these experiments.

International Presence

Present in over 100 countries, Grendene is today the largest shoe exporter in Brazil and one of the largest shoe companies in Latin America. The company has more than 45 thousand points of sale distributed around the world, 5 Melissa’s own stores in the USA, a Melissa Gallery in New York and a Showroom of the brand in Milan.

We develop actions in the areas of operation, logistics, product and commercial dedicated exclusively to foreign trade.

The company has a joint venture with 3G Radar, associated with 3G Capital. Grendene Global Brands Limited is responsible for the distribution and sale of the Melissa, Ipanema, Rider brands, among others, in the markets of the United States, Canada, China and Hong Kong, strategic markets in the global consumption of footwear.