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Grendene Kids believes that the best thing about childhood is imagination. That magical power that we learned from childhood. Which makes us defeat monsters, become a princess, save universes and still manage to get back home before dinner. What we experience in childhood, we take for a lifetime.

It is no coincidence that we are dedicated so much to stimulating the best of this phase. Bringing the most desired characters, we encourage the imagination to soar farther. What we want is for every child to be able to live in a more fun, lighter, happier world, with comfort and safety when playing.

Because those who live the best of childhood have everything to transform what is around them. And also become the best that anyone can be.

Grendene Kids was created in 1999, and has since been a hub of licensed brands for children.

With more than 30 licenses in the portfolio, we offer products with the characters most loved by children. We have classic brands like Barbie, Mickey and Minnie, Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man, Monica’s Gang, as well as current hits like LOL Surprise, Baby Shark, Now United and Naruto. And we couldn’t miss Youtubers and games that children love: Authentic Games, Luluca, Maria Clara and Jp, Sonic, Super Mario and Playstation.

Grendene Kids