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Grendene believes that solid and sustainable relationships are built with reciprocity and efficiency. Our suppliers are strategic business partners, which support the construction of a promising path and constant development based on gains in quality, time, elimination of waste and responsible social-environmental and work safety performance.
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“Positive results depend on a value chain made up of business partners who prioritize respect, collaboration and evolve together towards a more sustainable future”.

Luciano Mantovani, Supply Director

What we expect from
our suppliers

We establish partnerships with suppliers that identify with the same objectives as Grendene and 7 pillars guide our efforts:

  • 1) Supply

    - Meeting delivery deadlines
    - Agility and flexibility

  • 2) Quality

    - Product and service quality
    - Continuous improvement

  • 3) Cost

    - Transparency
    - Constant adaptation to market fluctuations
    - Competitiveness

  • 4) Technology

    - Advanced solutions
    - digital intelligence
    - Customization
    - Training
    - Search for new business models

  • 5) Innovation

    -New materials and processes that generate value and are recognized by the consumer

  • 6) Sustainability

    - Valuing and respecting people
    - Lower impact products
    - Eco-efficient operations

  • 7) Collaboration

    - Active participation
    - Sense of belonging
    - Provide and seek solutions, building customer loyalty

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Partner Suppliers

We want to evolve, but more than that, we want the entire chain to evolve with us. Grendene approves and monitors its suppliers considering aspects of management, product and/or service development (according to each case), business ethics, worker health and safety and respect for people and the environment.

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Shared goals
lead to great business

Ethics is one of Grendene's non-negotiable values and presupposes relationships of integrity, respect and transparency. Therefore, we watch over and disclose who our suppliers are.

Grendene Code of Conduct

Restricted Substances

Grendene is committed to operating its business sustainably to protect consumers, employees and their brands, in addition to increasing product quality and safety and reducing environmental impacts.

Therefore, all Grendene suppliers need to know and comply with the Grendene Restricted Substances List.


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We created an exclusive environment for Grendene's suppliers to consult the company's policies, manuals, events agenda and news.

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