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Grendene Exchange Policy

Grendene respects your consumption experience, from start to finish, and to affirm its commitment to our relationship, if you have any unexpected situation with your purchase or product, we want to help you.

General considerations

The products sold by Grendene SA are durable goods and the consumer has the right to claim within 90 (ninety) days from the date of purchase described in the invoice (Art. 26, II and §1 of the Defense Code of the Consumer).

Grendene accepts product returns or exchanges in cases where a defect or defect is proven. If damage occurs to the product from natural wear and tear, misuse and conservation or caused by an accident, we will not be able to help. Likewise, the warranty does not cover situations caused by lack of exclusive care by the consumer or third parties, in these cases the exchange is not possible.

Some tips to care for and keep your product longer: Wash with mild soap and water, use a soft bristle brush and don’t let it soak. We do not suggest using a washing machine and dryer. So that it is always in use condition, do not hang it on the clothesline, avoiding deformation. Dry the eyeshadow. Exchange conditions are valid only in Brazil.

Exchange by default

If your shoe or accessory has any quality problem, you can request the analysis within 90 (ninety) calendar days, after purchase, through the following channels:

Next to the Customer Experience sector, on the brand’s website. Directly at the store where the product was purchased (within 90 days). NOTE: the exchange policy for purchases made in online stores is a little different from physical stores, so we invite you to get to know them directly on the stores’ website.

General Orientations

If a manufacturing defect is found in the analysis, a new product, equal or similar to the one purchased, will be sent to the consumer. Otherwise, it will be returned. The shipping cost for analysis and delivery of the product, new or returned, is borne by Grendene.

As it is a fashion product, new collections are periodically launched. Therefore, the exchange of the product for an identical model is not guaranteed.

It is important to respect the deadline for posting the product(s) that was informed by Customer Service, otherwise the exchange/return process will be cancelled.

If any discrepancy is identified, signs of misuse, bad faith, absence of sales invoice, or product shipment without having communicated to the Service sector or the Store, we are exempt from the responsibility to fulfill the request, returning the collected product to your shipping address without refund of the amount paid, and the entire return process will be cancelled.

If the Consumer chooses to exchange the product through the link provided, they will have 90 days to choose the new product. If within 90 days the consumer does not exercise his right to exchange the product, Grendene will finalize the request and wait for the consumer’s contact.

Remark: If a defect is found in the product sent by the consumer, it will be rendered useless, and its return will not be possible.

Products Purchased From Virtual Stores

If the purchase was made at one of Grendene’s virtual stores, go to the “Customer service” menu > Frequently Asked Questions > Exchanges and returns > article “Exchanges and returns policy”.

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